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Dr. Oana Taban
Managing partner

The DENT ESTET story has begun in 1999 when Dr. Oana Taban, Managing Partner of the dental clinics group had the initiative to bring premium dental services on the market in Romania, in line with international standards.

DENT ESTET mission has always been to turn the vision for innovation into reality. Therefore, the business grew organically from year to year, 14 years later getting to dominate the market for dental services in Romania and to be the first in the top of preferences of patients.

Even since the first year of existence, the number of patients has increased significantly, having led to the expansion of the dental practice and its transformation into the first DENT ESTET clinic.

Aiming at getting closer to patients’ needs, the founder of the group of clinics has always relied on innovation. Therefore, the latest technology, annual certification of the team of specialists trained at the highest level and premium service has been the DENT ESTET milestone and the reason behind the constant stability of the company over the years.

In 2006, with a steady clientele in the two clinics and an increasingly higher demand, DENT ESTET followed the natural evolution investing in the inauguration of the third clinic.

A year later, the first DENT ESTET clinic, opened in 1999, has adopted the innovative concept of “Green Dentistry”, taking the name of Green Dental.
The clinic addresses the public through a minimalist space that combines medical effectiveness and efficiency with the use of materials and energy sources. Green Dental offers modern amenities for the implementation of a recent project in line with the directions of global protection and conservation of natural resources.

The determination to meet any type of dental need has motivated us to be prepared at international standards through a comprehensive set of solutions, a team specializing in all branches of dentistry and certified and worldwide recognized services.

Those who visit our clinics have the benefit of receiving treatments that have always invested in the state of the art equipment and technologies to diversify service portfolio.

DENT ESTET is among the few dental clinics in Romania offering facial aesthetic treatments – Botox and hyaluronic acid – carried out by doctors certified in this regard by the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics.

A first in Romania was represented by the introduction of the most advanced oral cancer screening device detecting cancer in its early stages -Oral Cancer Screening.
Also, DENT ESTET provides patients with a unique ICU department in the country, equipped with technology for the performance of complex interventions under general anesthesia, which is not found in any other dental clinic in Romania.

Following the certifications obtained by the medical team, DENT ESTET offers a variety of innovative services in dental and facial aesthetics, up to dental implant. Thus, patients may chose treatments available in the elite clinics abroad. Among the most important are:
LUMINEERS dental veneers providing a visible improvement in the appearance of teeth in just two sessions, the most modern teeth whitening in a dental cabinet – ZOOM 2. The revolutionary German dental implant system – Fast & Fixed – ensures reconstruction of dental aesthetics and functionality in one day or periodontics treatments performed under Zeiss electron microscope.

Innovation has not come to an end with dental services only, and in 2012, DENT ESTET  has launched a unique financing plan, Plan 12 , enabling patients to pay their bill within a period of one year, in equal installments, with 0% interest rate and commission.

In addition, besides the promotional campaigns for various services, the patients of our clinics are able to access multiple payment options: in two installments, with the full discount of 5% at each meeting, but also by accessing individual subscriptions.

The expansion plans were followed throughout the development, reaching the objectives of better meeting patients’ needs, and  DENT ESTET growth has always been driven by the demand of the patients. For this very reason, in 2008 DENT ESTET has launched a new premiere on the Romanian market: a dental clinic dedicated exclusively to children – DENT ESTET 4 Kids ..

Amid dental problems facing the Romanian population and a culture of poor oral hygiene, and the lack of services specialized on group ages, DENT ESTET 4 Kids represented one of the greatest innovations in dentistry in Romania. With a team of specialists in pediatric dentistry, anesthetists specializing in medium and deep relaxation techniques, psychologists and specialized staff in communicating with children, this clinic offers pediatric dentistry services meeting the requirements of western markets.

Developing a clinic dedicated to children has led to the inauguration of the first clinic in Europe specializing in treatments for adolescents – Dent ESTET 4 Teens, in 2012.

The main reason for this initiative was the alarming situation of young people between 10-17 years who are found in very low numbers in dental offices, although teenage problems are complex and require a personalized approach.

With the release of the two clinics specialized on age groups, DENT ESTET has assumed the role of informing and educating the young population to adopt a positive attitude towards oral hygiene and dental health by initiating educational programs both for children and their parents. And the results were immediate, and visible in the number of increasingly more patients and parents interested in the services of the two clinics.

Throughout this time, DENT ESTET have submitted their entire activity to rigorous procedures to maintain and improve the quality of services offered. The quality of services we provide has received international recognition by ISO 9001: 2008 by Germanischer Lloyd Certification GmbH The Hamburg.

Therefore, currently, ESTET DENT is one of the most powerful names in dentistry in Romania, having maintained the leading position over the years, due to continuous innovation and team of professionals.

The five clinics are distinguished by personalized environment and pleasant atmosphere, succeeding in providing trust and comfort for the patient since the first visit. Each dental practice has a unique concept and is equipped with state of the art equipment to achieve works of the highest quality.

We believe in making natural, beautiful smiles, in perfect harmony with the appearance of each individual. We insist in preventing any dental disease and promote oral health and hygiene. We support the evolution of the Romanian dental system for a healthy lifestyle.

We appreciate the opportunity for choosing our clinics and we look forward to meeting you and restore your smile and the one of your family.

Change the world with a smile!
Change the world with a smile!

Management Team

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    Dr. Oana Taban
    CEO&Fondator DENT ESTET
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    Erika Cioată
    Communication Director
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    Monica Brănescu
    Creative & Digital
    Marketing Manager
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    Claudia Dovăncescu
    Pediatric Education&
    Marketing Coordinator
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    Fivi Taban
    Dental Office Manager
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    Simona Sbîngu
    Dental Office Manager
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    Diana Oprea
    Supply Chain Manager
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    Andreea Niculescu
    Patient Care Coordinator
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    Cati Papari
    Administrative Manager
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