DENT ESTET sees social implication more than a present trend,  more and more present in the life of national and international companies.

“We do care” –  DENT ESTET Social Responsibility Program
We love to be dentists, growing up healthy smiles from an early age enables a healthy and beautiful smile when a gown up.  For this very reason, since 2008 we take care of the smiles of more than 20.000 children!

“We do care” social program was born from our passion for dentistry and the responsibility we have, as market leaders, to educate people for an optimal oral health. Under the umbrella of  “We do care” , step by step we continue to build a smiling society!

Information and prevention programs for adult patients
The minimal intervention concept defined its principles in 2002, during the general assembly of the FDI World Dental Federation, and envisages prevention of dental decays and provision of minimal intervention on teeth.

DENT ESTET clinics aim at getting socially involved by informing the entire population, through media appearances, about the concepts revealing the importance of dental prophylaxis to prevent and minimize dental problems, that of approaching dental decays through causality and not just by treating the symptoms of the decay condition.
We are convinced that this is the best way to educate people and implement an appropriate, natural lifestyle, oriented towards health, prevention and balance.

Make the first choice, the right one

This is the slogan umbrella we operate and invest in informing campaigns for the edentulous patients in need of dental implant about the way to choose the specialist and dental clinic for a dental complex intervention, about the importance of the vision of a multidisciplinary team, and about the risk they are exposed to, on failure of dental implant procedure etc.

Implant Connect
In Romania, only 30% of the adults have all natural teeth,  placing our country among the last countries in the EU as far as dental health is concerned. Behind these statistics we find, difficult access, lack of trust, dentist anxiety, lack of finance and even of awareness of the need for dental treatment.

On the other hand, progress in dentistry today offer advanced solutions for the reconstruction of the smile, so that our patients can benefit from a new smile in a short time, without pain and without worrying about the costs, due to the financial solutions we offer.

For this very reason, we created ImplantConnect, a unique information and education program on dental implants. Already at the second edition, a first in Romania, this program has the role of making patients responsible for choosing the best services, when it comes to smile rehabilitation

Within this program, participants discussed openly with doctors specialized in dental implants in our clinic and about the options they have and have the unique opportunity of watching a complex dental implant surgery in real time.

First Step to Excellence in Dentistry – internship program for students
In 2011 we launched the first Internship program for dentistry students in Romania . Thus, we offered more students the opportunity to learn modern treatment techniques from the best doctors certified abroad and work with them within DENT ESTET clinics. The great reward for the best of the students in the team of clinic specialists consisted in attending to the most important congress of dentistry in the world held in New York and being included in an ongoing program of training courses in the country and abroad .

This initiative is conducted regularly to stimulate dentistry students and to give them an insight on a dentistry practice rarely encountered in Romania.

Information and prevention program for children and teenagers  

Partnership with ”Heart of Hope”Foundation

Through volunteer programs developed by Heart of Hope Foundation, DENT ESTET 4 Kids clinic specialists in pediatric dentistry help children with psychiatric disabilities or those coming from dysfunctional families. They offer them free dental care, hygiene and prophylaxis treatments.

Since 1998, the “Heart of Hope” in partnership with several non – profit organizations in USA, including “Medical Team International” – one of the largest non-profit organizations on the NW coast of the US – have given children from orphanages or dysfunctional families free dental care.

Partnership with the “Save the Children”

Deprived children receive free dental care, hygiene and prophylaxis treatments. Periodically, the DENT ESTET 4 Kids clinic gates are closed for regular patients to open for social cases.

Equally, by participating in the past 8 years in the charity event “Christmas Tree Festival” organized by the “Save the Children”, ESTET DENT clinics help disadvantaged children in Romania.
We celebrate June 1st together with Defeat Autism Association.

We dedicated Children’s Day to the cause of autistic children, joining Defeat Autism Association, an not for profit organization providing rehabilitation therapy for children suffering from this condition. Children receive dental treatments from DENT ESTET 4 Kids and enjoy the visit of the team and several fairy tale characters. In addition, all ESTET DENT4 Kids earnings on June 1st are donated to this association every year.

DENT ESTET 4 Kids team specializes in relating and communicating with children and those with autism are among the children who specifically choose this clinic, due to the technology and dental specialists they have access to, thus ensuring the successful treatment of these children.

Dental Care Parenting – free workshop for parents and children 
For 7 years we deliver free educational sessions for parents through Dental Care Parenting, currently at the 15th edition. While the program is intended to mainly focus on educating parents regarding their child’s dental hygiene and prevention and treatment solutions, the workshop has a component for the little ones as well. They are taught about the importance of their dental health by specialists in communicating with children through play and using appropriate language. Finally, the Fairy Tooth consults the little patients, while explaining their parents the steps to be followed for each case.

Educational Programs for children and teenagers in schools and kinder gardens

Since April 2009 DENT ESTET launched two educational programs for kindergartens and schools, entitled “Raising healthy smiles” and “Smile beautifully, Live beautiful!”, to which were later added programs for teens “New Moon Smile Revolution “and” Your Smile, Your Choice! “these programs aim at preparing children to visit the dentist and learn, both children and adolescents, dental hygiene and healthy eating principles.

The educational program for children “Raising healthy smiles”
Within the program  “Raising healthy smiles,” DENT ESTET 4 Kids clinic provides children in kindergartens and schools, free of charge, a first accommodation visit – HAPPY VISIT – and an educational program that takes place “Visiting the Fairy Tooth ” . Thus, children have the opportunity to play with the dental chair, to learn the techniques of tooth brushing, playing skits meant to help them adjust to the role of little patient and, not the least, to benefit from a complete dental examination. Enrollment is open to any kindergarten, this program was attended to this date by over 80 kindergartens in Bucharest and Timisoara.

The educational program”Smile beautifully, Live beautiful!”
The second educational program, “Smile beautifully, Live beautiful!” involves educating pre-teens and teenagers about the importance of a healthy smile and implicitly aesthetic, the presentation being designed as interactive and perceived by young people as interesting and attractive . We also inform parents of the benefits of early, minimally invasive interventions, diminishing or avoiding invasive and painful, difficult interventions, for teeth presenting unmet medical needs on time.

New Moon Smile Revolution Project
This was the first program for adolescents in schools. The campaign took place in March-April 2009, with the support of Bucharest School Inspectorate and originally targeted 3,000 V-VIIIth grade students of 10 schools in Bucharest, but due to the interest shown by other schools, their number finally reached 18. During the campaign, the 10 doctors specialized in dentistry for children spoke openly with middle school students about nutrition, breathing, orthodontic appliances, the risks involved by smoking etc.

Your Smile, Your Choice!

Orthodontic intervention at this age is extremely important, in the case of dental jaws abnormalities. Orthodontic appliances worn at this age have spectacular results, knowing that dental tissue is still forming. Therefore, one of our goals is to inform the teenager, both on the options and the advantages of wearing orthodontic appliance, but also on the risks and negative effects that will arise if there is no orthodontic intervention at the right time.