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3D CT Scanner

DENT ESTET clinics use state of the art materials and equipment, also used by the elite clinics abroad

Besides the standard equipment equipping any modern dental clinics at high professionalism level standards, DENT ESTET benefits some of the latest, revolutionary equipment and technologies existing on the dentistry market both in Romania and at international level, being the first dental clinic in Romania ISO certified for high quality standards.

3D CT scanner from Planmeca ProMax® 3D represents the highest digital technology enabling maximum accuracy in diagnosing a maxillo facial disease, enabling digital mapping from millimeter sized surfaces to the entire of the entire  intracranial area.   With the full viewing spectrum (FOV) of D 23 x 26 cm, this device offers the dentists completely new diagnosing possibilities

Multidisciplinary diagnostic detailed in 3D

Planmeca ProMax 3D can satisfy the complexity of a diagnosis in several fields of  present dentistry, from dental implants to orthodontics, endodontic, maxillo facial surgery TMJ analysis.


All-in-one digital concept Multidisciplinary diagnostic detailed in 3D

Planmeca ProMax® 3D (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) includes 3D imaging, 3D photos, 2D zoom in and cephalometric, all in one device. This 3D combination creates a 3D virtual patient, enabling the highest degree of accuracy in diagnosis.

Advantages of 3D CT scan
  • Enables the physician get a space view of the affected area –
  • Reduces the risk of failure of a dental surgery to minimum
  • High accuracy level
  •  Minimum radiation exposure  –  can be made both during post-surgery studies and in the follow up  of  the patients having undergone a maxillo-facial surgery
  • Full 3 D imaging
  • Multidisciplinary diagnosis : dental implants, endodontic, orthodontics, maxillo-facial surgery, periodontics
  • Orthodontics – accurate location of teeth that have not erupted yet, facial asymmetry detection, definition of cephalo metric points for linear and angular measurements
  • Dental implants – enables optimal planning of the dental implant plan
  • Comfortable experience for the patient, enabling a quality improvement of the 3 D images obtained

For a 3D CT scan, we invite you at 15 Aviatorilor DENT ESTET clinic.  Please schedule an appointment at 0744 60 20 20.

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