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89% of the patients who chose aesthetic dentistry treatments have experienced self esteem improvements and those around them have considered them more attractive, according to American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Therefore, aesthetic dentistry was born from the desire of people to have a beautiful, natural, long term smile.

How has DENT ESTET changed the life of the patients who chose an aesthetic dental treatment

“The DENT ESTET experience was pleasant and it was a success! It helped me regain my smile and confidence back. Everyone says I made a good choice and that it looks great,” confesses Julia Surugiu, DENT ESTET patient, overwhelmed by emotions.

What types of dental imperfections can be corrected:

  • Small inter dental spaces
  • Dental trauma
  • Asymmetric teeth
  • Smaller or larger relative to one another
  • Misaligned teeth arch
  • Facial Disharmony
  • Unaesthetic color enamel

DENT ESTET offers you warranty of a high quality treatment, through:

  • Latest technologies (Digital Smile Design, Epic Biolase Laser, Fast&Fixed, lingual braces)
  • An internationally accredited dental and facial aesthetic specialists team
  • Products from manufacturers with over 10 years tradition in the field (Lumineers dental veneers  – USA, Incognito lingual appliances and WIN – Germany)
  • Full comfort during the procedure using Sleep Dentistry – medium and deep sedation techniques which completely eliminates patient pain and anxiety.

How can you regain your confidence and beauty of your smile?

The first step is to schedule an appointment with the aesthetic dentistry specialized doctor. Moreover, in just one visit at the dentist, you can choose also to improve your facial appearance by choosing one of the INSPIRE program facial aesthetic procedures.


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