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Dental Veneers

Trust your smile!

Loved by all the Hollywood stars because they completely transform the smile, dental veneers are the most popular and appreciated aesthetic dentistry treatment in the world.

Before and After. Restored smile with dental veneers

Izabella tell us with emotion about what meant to her her smile transformation with dental veneers and crowns, how important is to choose from the start the right team of specialized dentists and what changes took place in her life after the end of the treatment. Watch the video and notice her smile before and after treatment.

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers are the most physiognomonical restorations, but also the most delicate, made from materials that look identical with the natural teeth enamel. Using them, the cosmetic dentistry specialized doctors corrects a lot of smile aesthetic imperfections, like shape, inter dental small gaps, marmoration, unaesthetic bumps or color of the teeth.


8 reasons for choosing Dental Veneers treatment:

  • Immediate results – in just 2 visits
  • Non-invasive procedure that requires no grinding and preserves the vitality of teeth
  • Easy to maintain
  • Resistance to stains
  • Unnoticeable
  • Desired shade of white teeth
  • Fully physiognomic -restore an aesthetic and functional smile
  • No allergic reactions to material

When you can start veneers dental treatment

The patients who choose to start a smile restoring treatment using dental veneers have:

  • Unaesthetic teeth inter spaces
  • Minor dental overlays
  • Coloring
  • Unaesthetic forms and dimensions of certain teeth
  • Dental trauma and caries
  • Uneven textured or asymmetric  teeth (short teeth can be driven extremely easy)

An extra benefit of dental veneers is that they can correct several aesthetic problems of smiling simultaneously, treatment taking significantly shorter, while offering a high degree of comfort for the patient.


Everyday our cosmetic dentistry specialized team transforms smiles.

Clinical case of dental veneers smile reconstruction  – Izabela

Izabela wanted a complete smile reconstruction! After the thorough evaluation made by dr. Cristian Csapo, her cosmetic dentistry specialized doctor, Izabela was treated in the first stage with INCOGNITO invisible orthodontic braces and in the second stage she gained her smile with the help of EMAX dental veneers and Zirconium dental crowns.



Clinical case of dental veneers smile reconstruction  – Roxana

Roxana, the pacient of dr. Ionela Dumitru, cosmetic dentistry specialized doctor, took a smile reconstruction treatment using Incognito braces followed by Lumineers dental veneers.



Types of dental veneers available in DENT ESTET clinics

Zirconium Dental Veneers

Lumineers® Dental Veneers

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"Alina Gheorghe, one of the most appreciated fashion bloggers in Romania, tells us about the way DENT ESTET has changed her smile and gave her more self-confidence, the impact of smile-makeover on the image and wellness, but also about the importance of choosing the right specialist in aesthetic dentistry."
Alina Gherghe about her DENT ESTET experience

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