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Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a computerized process that simulates the final outcome of treatment, thus enabling visualization of procedures results to be carried out before the first treatment session.

With DSD program you can have a better understanding of the current situation of your teeth and treatment progress as well!

All About Digital Smile Design

Discover, step by step, the meaning of Smile Design Digital technology and how it can help you visualize the final result, before you actually start your dental treatment.

DSD in 3 simple steps:


  1. Smile Test

Communication with the patient is crucial to find out what his needs and expectations regarding the desired aesthetic treatment. In addition, the patient will also fill in the Smile Test form provided, during the treatment session. DENT ESTET specialists in aesthetic dentistry were trained by Dr. Christian Coachman, the inventor of Digital Smile Design concept.

  1. DSD Images

Making images that capture the early status of teeth, along with the physiognomy of the face and facial features are extremely important in order to achieve digital simulation. A perfect smile means harmonization of healthy and beautiful teeth with the rest of facial features.


  1. Viewing DSD

Thanks to technology and information obtained, your doctor will present a new design of your smile, using the digital program.

Simulating several treatment possibilities gives you different options and allows you to choose an appropriate treatment, having access to high quality animations and images.




Test DSD and see the way your perfect smile will look, before starting treatment! Schedule your appointment, now

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