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Reinvent your smile, regardless age …

and enjoy being confident every day!

In a world where image matters a lot, we try to find the best solutions to create a perfect, flawless, image. And our smile is submitted to the same exigence, as we all want a healthy and beautiful smile that makes all the difference.

Orthodontic treatment with brackets helps not only to improve your smile functionality, but also, since the first week, you will notice the impact this has on the overall appearance of the face, restoring its symmetry and aesthetics. Braces correct an anomaly such as teeth crowding in the arch, large inter dental gaps, etc.

Reinvent your smile!

Invisible,  Sapphire or  Ceramic brackets … dental braces, the right accessory for a perfect smile for life!


The specialist in orthodontics is concerned about both the functionality and beauty of the smile and the overall harmony of the face. Therefore, your treatment plan is unique, customized just for you.

8 important facts about brackets

  1. Wearing braces disregards age
  2. Perfectly invisible! You can wear braces without others knowing, choosing one of the variants of devices that have revolutionized invisible market in recent years: Incognito, or Invisalign WIN
  3. Teeth wrong positioning problems left untreated can lead to decay in a short time , promotes plaque buildup, uncover tooth root and can even lead to its loss
  4.  Bite is as important as teeth aesthetics! The orthodontist pays equal attention to both aspects. After all, a perfect smile should help you chew and speak properly.
  5. The specialist in orthodontics is more than a general dentist! Thanks to the training received in brace treatments, he accurately identifies you dental condition and gives you the best solutions for your health.
  6.  Orthodontic treatment can take from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the condition to be corrected
  7.  Compliance with oral hygiene, monthly sessions and other recommendations offered by orthodontist is extremely important for a successful treatment.
  8. Wearing the contention device after treatment with braces is mandatory because there is a very high risk to lose the results obtained through treatment.

Top differences between invisible (lingual) braces and classic braces:

         Invisible (lingual) braces             Classic braces
Brackets are cemented on the teeth inner side, low risk for enamel damaging and decays Brackets are cemented on the teeth outer  side
Brackets are invisible Brackets are visible
Brackets are customized individually, each of them having a unique anatomical shape in the lingual area, – computerized scanning Brackets are pre made and standardized – forma relatively  uniform shape for the majority if dental surfaces  (vestibule area)
 Recommended for adults and children over age 12 Standard brackets are suitble for any kind of dental dimensions and bite
To apply braces,orthodontic dentists have to be trained and certified To apply classic braces all ,orthodontic dentists have to be trained and certified
 Higher costs  Lower costs
 Check – ups every 4 weeks Check – ups every 6 weeks
 Lower total treatment period Higher total treatment period


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