? Fast&Fixed multiple dental implant in 24 hours

Fast&Fixed Dental Implants System

A New Smile in 24 Hours!

Statistics show that in Romania, over 30% of adults are missing at least one tooth, and this is a fact affecting their quality of life and general health in the long run.

Fast & Fixed dental implant German system is ideal for people missing several teeth, for whom the fact that implanting and prosthesis is done in 24 hours is a great advantage. Fast & Fixed revolutionary technology was created by the German company Bredent, after 40 years of experience in the design and development of products and techniques used in dentistry.

Dr. Dragoș Calangiu is talking about Fast&Fixed

8 Benefits for patients who choose Fast & Fixed multiple dental implant system:

  • Implantation procedure, creation and installation of the entire fixed implant, all done in the same day
  • 20 years warranty. Please check the warranty terms.
  • Natural aesthetic result – new teeth are looking identical with the natural ones
  • Procedure is performed 100% painless. Reade more about Sleep Dentistry.
  • Shorter treatment time – Conditions, otherwise treated in one year, will be treated in one day by using Fast & Fixed multiple dental implant system
  • Eliminates the need for complex augmentation operations (sinus lift, nervereposition , bone addition etc.) and other auxiliary dental implant treatments
  • Predictable Costs – 60% savings of a regular implant treatment plan
  • Reduces number of dental implants inserted
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