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Nobel Biocare Dental Implant

An implant guaranteed for life!

Nobel Biocare is one of the best dental implant solutions, used by millions of people worldwide for over 30 years. Nobel Biocare is a dental implant incorporating the most advanced technology resulting in LIFETIME WARRANTY for the patients which is INTERNATIONALLY VALID. Find out the warranty conditions for Nobel Biocare dental implant.


  • Perfect integration: it is a medical substitute for the root of the extracted tooth and immediately integrates in the body immediately.
  • Minor surgery: insertion is very fast, and the procedure is practically painless.
  • You can eat shortly after surgery – teeth chewing function can be resumed immediately.
  • Perfect fit – bridges or dental crowns are functional and aesthetically identical to natural teeth.
  • 100% aesthetic – Nobel Biocare ceramic teeth offer natural aesthetics!
  • Youthful appearance and healthy teeth are saved – when you lose a tooth, the bone can withdraw and you can look older.
  • With Nobel Biocare you get your face aspect back and save your healthy teeth, while traditional methods affect healthy teeth to create classic treatment.

If you choose Nobel Biocare implants, you receive a client card that will certify that, if you experience any problems with the implant in a country other than one where the initial intervention was performed, you have the benefit of a free re treatment! To view the warranty conditions, visit the following page.

DENT ESTET dentists have received training on Nobel Biocare besides other extensive specialized trainings. Our dentists receive high quality training on a regular basis and this is the guarantee that you receive the right care throughout treatment to achieve the best result: a perfect smile!

Read more about dental implant warranty!

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