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Straumann Pure Ceramic Dental Implant

Straumann (Switzerland) is one of the leading companies in dental implant and tissue regeneration, being recognized for the dental implant procedures performed in a single step at tissue level.

Smile reconstruction solutions offered by the company are customized to fit each patient’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Straumann Pure Ceramic Dental Implant provides a strong and accurate link between abutments and implants.

Straumann Pure Ceramic dental implants have cylindrical outer contour and have an extensive connection with the bone. This design guarantees a first-class dental implant stability once all medical recommendations are respected.

Straumann Pure Ceramic dental implant

  • More than just a tooth colored dental implant. Natural aesthetics.
  • More than just the latest technology. A long term smile.



The dental implant treatment is more than a simple choice, it is a lifestyle, an important investment in your smile and your life quality standards. The dental implant treatment it is not just about functionality, it is about aesthetics, a better dental hygiene and an increased self esteem.

When we talk about healthy teeth, we don’t just talk about functionality, but also about the aesthetics it confers to the general look. Besides, statistics conducted by American Dental Association show that more than 60% of patients choose a dental treatment based on aesthetics.

Therefore, Straumann offers its patients latest technology with  remarkable aesthetic solutions  for their dental reconstructions.

Natural. Aesthetic. Pure Ceramic. Lifetime guarantee

Using only natural, high quality and bio-compatible materials, the Straumann Pure Ceramics dental implant is the extraordinary, similar aesthetic alternative of the natural tooth, that you can enjoy a lifetime. Because including the abutment is made of natural tooth similar material, this type of dental implant offers the patient the comfort of a high aesthetic dental work also in the case of gingival retraction.

The benefits of Straumann Pure Ceramic dental implants

  • Strenght
  • Fast Osseo integration and fast healing
  • Remarkable aesthetics
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No metals, mechanical tested before inseration
  • Scientific proven with more than 30 years of research in the field
  • Globally, more than 13 millions of implants inserated
  • Predictable treatment



Dr. Alexandru Georgescuprimary dentist with more than 18 years of dental implantology experience, is Straumann mentor and makes with precision high and low complexity dental reconstruction interventions, using the latest technologies and ensuring the patients comfort and safety with the help of an anesthesia specialized team.

You can read more about his professional experience in his CV.



Once the implant has been achieved, soft tissues are in healing process between 6 weeks, up to 10 months.

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