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Dental prosthetics

Prosthetic dentistry is a specialization whose mission is to ensure achieving a balanced teeth, functionally and aesthetically. Getting the perfect result in dental restoration is the result of a team effort of clinicians who have training and professional experience in various specializations: prosthetists, periodontics, endodontics, surgeons, orthodontists.




Cristian Manafu talks about his experience with DENT ESTET and the trusting relationship built with his doctor over the years. It is important for the success of dental treatment that the patient is involved as much as his physician in complying with his recommendations.

Prostheses can be:

- Crowns and bridges
– Fixed or removable dental prostheses
– Veneer (ceramics, Zirconium)
– Dental inlays
– Crown-root devices

Beneficiile lucrărilor protetice:
  • You can rebuild your teeth affected by changes in the shape and structure
  • If you lose one or more teeth
  • If deficient teeth enamel formation
  • If major dental staining that can not be remedied through professional whitening
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"“I really wanted to submit this testimony. It is amazing what Dr. Cristian Csapo has done to my teeth. And that was only in a couple of hours. And the result: Everywhere I go people comment on how white and perfect my teeth are. My hygenist who commented on how white my teeth are. I used to hate my teeth because they were yellowy and small, but now I smile constantly and I tell everyone how good I feel.” Alina Gherghe, fashion blogger"
Alina Gherghe
""It is, I believe, the best dental clinic in Romania. Doctors are extraordinarily well prepared, including abroad. Plus maximum attention paid to individual patient care to identify the best solution for dental problems. Relaxing environment, first class equipment and materials. I recommend it! " Testimonies are specific to individual cases and information contained in testimonials may have different results depending on each individual user."
Victor Kapra

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