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Sometimes, before performing a dental implant, you may need to be submitted to a complementary surgery (called sinus lift – lifting the sinus membrane) to get a bone mass with the depth and width or appropriate space necessary in the upper arch bone area.

DENT ESTET dental clinic doctors are trained in aesthetic home and abroad to achieve very complex dental surgery procedure at the highest standards. Sinus lift surgery is performed successfully worldwide for over 20 years, becoming popular with the development of dental implants.


Lifting of sinus membrane is necessary because:

  • the upper jaw has less bone than lower one
  • there is bone loss due to gum disease
  • when losing natural teeth, the bone where they were implanted is reabsorbed through a natural process,
  • reducing the space available for inserting bone implants
  • dimension of sinus cavities varies from person to person and increases with age
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