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Microscope endodontics

Endodontic treatment under ZEISS microscopic control
Endodontic treatment (known as “root canal” or “nerve removal”) is one of the most common dental procedures, treating ” the tooth inside” (the pulp chamber and the whole system of channels) to eliminate infections and prevent future infections .

At DENTAL ESTET, endodontic interventions are performed by highly qualified and experienced doctors, using “Pain FREE” solution and dental microscope.

Practice shows that “classic” treatment, based exclusively on tactile procedures, has a success rate of 50-60%, while using the microscope provides a success rate of over 90%, eliminating many risks both during non-surgery, and in the surgery stage.

Endodontic intervention under microscope makes the difference between tooth saving and tooth extraction.
Pulp infections occur, most frequently because deep or large decays, tooth trauma to or periodontal disease. Bacteria entering the cracks of the tooth, gradually destroy pullp, leading to bone weakening and infection, swelling of the ligaments around the tooth and, ultimately, to tooth loss. If left untreated, tooth pulp inflammation or necrosis can extend to neighboring tissues.

Treatment involves complete removal of everything present in canal, cleaning, shaping and area decontamination. On completion of treatment, you will not feel any pain at that tooth, because nerve tissue was removed and the infection eliminated.

Microscope intervention ensures the success of endodontic interventions by:

1. Certainty of diagnosis even in cases where conditions are extremely delicate (microfractures and longitudinal fractures of the tooth), unidentifiable only radiographs. Only knowing the right cause, you can get the right treatment with long-term results.
2. Correct and complete treatment of channel. Using “classic” means, radicular or unusually shaped channels can be missed and remain uncleaned and thus become a hotbed of further infection. Only under a microscope – that amplifies view up to 25 times and enables coaxial illumination of work field – tooth chanel is fully visible, even when it has the size of a human hair, and the endodontist can be certain, without any doubt that it is clean.
3. Procedures inaccessible without a microscope. Modern endodontics procedures use treatment techniques and special materials, that can be used only under the microscope. Additionally, some procedures can not be achieved without dental microscope.
4. Fast recovery. In the case of a surgery carried out with a microscope, they are less traumatized soft tissues, suturing methods more effective and recovery is faster.
5. Saves time and money. Reintervention caused mainly by poor quality of workmanship, often entail higher costs than the initial treatment. Endodontic therapy with a microscope ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency, so that the duration of treatment is lower and long-term outcome is certain.

Signs that you may suffer from a pulp infection:
  • pain (spontaneous, throbbing, dull) extending or not to adjacent areas of jaw
  • sensitivity when bite or chew, or at high and low temperatures, unexplained pain in a tooth treated in the past
  • tooth discoloration the
  •  swelling in the tooth area
  • swollen glands around the neck and head
All you have to know about ZEISS microscope
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