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Oral Cancer Screening

Specialized studies show that in recent years, the incidence of oral cancer has increased, especially among young adults! Early detection of this disease increases the survival rate to about 82%.

Oral cancer screening test is one of the preventative methods used by ESTET DENT clinics to draw the attention of all patients who want to keep their smiles healthy and quality of life to high standards.

Oral Cancer Screening is the first test of Romania that can detect oral cancer in its early stages, in just 3 minutes spent in the dental practice.
Without any pain at all, using a Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection lamp, pre-cancerous and cancerous cells can be detected from the first stage.
Now, Oral Cancer Screening is the most reliable method for oral cancer test available both in our country and worldwide.

The unit has a built-in digital camera, which gives the dentist a detailed picture of the mouth and allows in-depth scan of all areas that may contain pre-cancerous or cancerous cells, undetectable to the naked eye.

 Oral Cancer Screening procedure is:

  • painless
  • no risk of irradiation
  • non-invasive and fast to be  carried out during a routine visit at the dentist
  • a test using a technology clinically demonstrated  to detect oral injuries
  •  recommended at least once a year
  • financially convenient

Screening for detecting oral cancer  include, together with Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection lamp oral captivity examination  an adjacent clinical examination carried out by the dentist.

Education component offered by the dentist plays a very important role in the prevention session.
It is the responsibility of the dentist to inform the patient about the signs and symptoms of oral cavity , head and throat cancer and how it can be detected in early stages.

Why have an Oral Cancer Screening test?
Symptoms of early stage oral cancer are not visible for the naked eye. Extension of oral cancer is rarely associated with acute pain More than 2/3 of all oral cancers are diagnosed only in advanced stages
Early detection of oral cancer survival rate increases to survival rate to 80%

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