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Gum inflammation as the body’s response to microbial aggression are translated by bleeding gums leading to gum disease which, untreated in time, evolve in depth and lead to periodontal disease which fosters infections, inflammation and eventually tooth loss.

These periodic prophylaxis sessions prevent:

  • installing gum disease caused by bacterial plaque
  • creating colonies of bacteria existing in dental plaque combined with carbohydrates derived from starch thus forming an acid that attacks tooth enamel and causes cavities
  • transformation of bacterial plaque into a deposit adheres to teeth called plaque

As gingivitis does not cause pain as a symptoms, most patients do not address the treatment of these diseases at an early stage, leaving room for the emergence of periodontics. Evolution of periodontal disease can go unnoticed for months or even years.
Together with an effective oral hygiene and proper food diet, one of the most effective prophylactic methods to combat these diseases is having prevention sessions every 6 months.

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