? Tehnoogia PRGF - vindecare rapida in stomatologie

PRGF Technology– fast heeling solution in dentistry

PRGF technology (platelet rich plasma) is a process which accelerates the healing of post-surgical procedure the dentist creates using a device called a centrifuge, directly in cabinet, in just a few minutes making exclusive use of proteins in the patient’s blood, plasma that accelerates healing of a zone affected by surgical intervention (dental implants, sinus lift, etc.).

DENT ESTET is the first  dental clinic in Romania to have introduced PRGF technology in dentistry,since 2007, for high complexity dental implants and  intervention proceedings . Dr. Dragos Calangiu is among the first dentists in the country who has successfully used PRGF technology for complex interventions.

At the moment, patients can trust to chose this alternative treatment , as our clinics are equipped with two of the best spin devices, like the greatest dental clinics  in Europe.

How does it work?

To get plasma containing proteins that speed up the regeneration of damaged tissue, the dentist takes a small amount of blood from the patient. Blood is placed in the centrifuge separating blood plasma to be applied after the area in which the surgery is performed.

Equally, natural membrane can also be obtained by centrifugation replacing artificial membranes used in case of complex dental procedures, such as sinus lift. Thus, it integrates instantly, the success rate of intervention increases to 100% and  healing time is considerably reduced.

Benefits of PRGF technology:

  • Accelerated rehabilitation of the patient
  • Significantly shorter healing time
  • Rapid tissue regeneration
  • Painless
  • 0% rejection rate of the body, using the patient’s blood is integration is immediate
  • High degree of comfort post-intervention
  • Low risk of infection or other complications
  • There is no risk of transmission of disease, since the patient’s blood is taken istantly

 Types of dental treatments the centrifuge may be used:

  • Dental implant surgery
  • Bone adition for dental implants
  • Bone repairing – plasma protein obtained by centrifugation can also be successfully used in facial reconstruction to repair local trauma caused by a tooth or cyst extraction
  • Dental abscess healing

What is a centrifuge?

Dental centrifuge is an apparatus that uses centrifugal force to separate  plasma protein from the patient’s blood, in about 8 -10 minutes, to be used later in the healing of the areas affected by surgery.


Essentially, each human body has a self-healing and healing kit. Using PRGF technology after dental intervention, we can increase the patient comfort and healing rate within minutes in the dentist’s office.

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